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An Innovative Approach in Infrared Reporting Software

TI Reporter™ is the world's first cloud-based thermography reporting software that allows you to generate standards-compliant reports quickly and easily from your office or in the field.

TI Reporter™ works with all thermal imagers and cuts reporting time by up to 80%!

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Reporting Shouldn’t Take You All Day

If you’re like others, it can take  up to 8 hours to complete a report for each day spent performing infrared inspections.

The problem isn’t you - it’s your reporting software.

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The Old Way

  • Generic templates that required extensive formatting

  • Required external programs in order to operate

  • Reports lacked data and were not standards-compliant

  • Desktop based software prohibited efficient data collection

  • Software difficult to install and maintain

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The New Way

  • Application-specific templates require no formatting

  • Single resource that works seamlessly and efficiently

  • Reports contain all data required for standards compliance

  • Tablet based software allows data entry in the field

  • No software to install or maintain

Built for Thermographers by Thermographers

Using cloud technology and state-of-the-art software tools, we built a revolutionary reporting and data management resource that's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

1) Perform Inspection and Capture Images

Following the on-screen prompts, enter contact information for a new customer or access information for existing customer

2) Generate Image and Report Pages

Use preformatted templates to quickly create your report


3) Share Your Reports

Upon completing your report, print it to PDF and email to customers or colleagues.

State-of-the-art Features

Utilizing cloud technology, TI Reporter offers unmatched mobility and data management. There is no software to install or update and users always have access to the latest version of the software.

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Multiple Applications

Create customized reports for six different thermography applications

Electrical Systems

Choose from Delta T or Absolute Temperature report formats

Roofing Systems

Record data for quality assurance or preventive maintenance inspections

Building Envelopes

Properly document evidence of energy loss or water infiltration

Mechanical Systems

Perform trending for stationary or rotating equipment


Records data for steam systems, boilers and processing equipment

Home Inspections

Report forms can be used for property condition assessment or energy audits

Designed for Professionals Just Like You

Authored by practicing thermographers, TI Reporter gives you the tools you need to document your findings and manage your data. TI Reporter will streamline your work, enhance your image, and increase productivity and profits.

"Without a doubt, the easiest report writing software that we have ever used."

Mary Molle, VP, Jersey Infrared Consultants

"This software generates reports in a fraction of the time required by other programs. I am now free to perform more inspections and make more money."

Mike Coin, Infraspection Institute Master Thermographer®

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TiReporter Mobile Application