Defining the Ideal IR Reporting Software

Defining the Ideal IR Reporting Software

Jim Seffrin

Thermal imaging is a nondestructive test procedure with applications across a broad range of industries.  Worldwide, thermal imaging is used daily to detect defects within electrical and mechanical systems, building envelopes, boilers and steam systems, process equipment, and flat roofs.

image2Regardless of the application, every infrared inspection may be divided into two distinct tasks:  the conduct of the inspection itself and the documentation of results.  In order to achieve the greatest benefit, the inspection must be carried out properly and findings reported in a format that provides all concerned with the information they need.

As thermography has matured, thermal imaging equipment has become more sophisticated and user friendly.  During the past 20 years, manufacturers have developed software that enable thermographers to post process their captured imagery.  Typical features include the ability to change color palettes, temperature measurement tools, and the option to change level and gain.  

image3Because thermal imager manufacturers concentrate their expertise on hardware development, they tend to focus on image processing and largely ignore reporting.  In fact, most software packages include only rudimentary templates for creating hardcopy reports.  These templates are geared to a single application and do not permit the user to create a complete inspection report.  The result is that thermographers must utilize multiple, separate software programs thereby wasting a huge amount of time and money..

A recent survey of practicing thermographers found that the perfect infrared reporting software would:

  • Be easy to use
  • Work with all thermal imagers
  • Quickly generate standards-compliant reports
  • Operate on all computer operating systems
  • Contain multiple preformatted templates for common applications
  • Maintain imagery and inspection routes

Responding to the challenges faced by practicing thermographers, T/IR Systems LLC developed the world’s first cloud-based infrared report writing and data management software that works with all thermal imagers.

unnamedDesigned by expert thermographers and personnel from Infraspection Institute, TI Reporter™ allows you to generate standards-compliant reports for a wide variety of applications.  Simply complete the preformatted templates following the on-screen prompts and add your images.

Utilizing cloud technology, TI Reporter™ offers unmatched mobility and data management. There is no software to install or update and users always have access to the latest version of the software.  TI Reporter™ contains several preformatted report templates that are compliant with reporting requirements of published industry standards.  Templates are available for infrared inspections of electrical systems, mechanical systems, building envelopes, steam and piping systems, flat roofs, and to detect pests. Customized templates are available upon request. 

For more information or to try TI Reporter™ for free, visit today.